Meet J.L.

J.L. Geter

J.L.’s earliest memory of a love story is that of Laurie and Jo from Little Women. While happily ever after wasn’t in the cards for this couple, J.L. was still inspired to craft stories filled with family, friendship, and most of all romance. A tumble down the Slash fiction rabbit hole in college ignited a love for LGBTQIA fiction, specifically M/M romance, that has only matured with age. J.L. appreciates good storytelling, compelling plots, and memorable characters who stick in the mind long after the story has ended. J.L. wants to be a beacon of hope for those who need a reminder that they too deserve a happy ending. As a firm believer that love is love, the author is excited to share stories with the world.

J. L. holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Penn State and is currently pursuing an MFA at Southern New Hampshire University, with a concentration in Creative Writing. When not dabbling in romance, J.L. enjoys needle-crafts, computer games, and making magic at the most wonderful place on earth. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, J.L. now resides in the sunshine state with two fur babies.

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